Datatype for ISIL

Jakob wrote about Identifiers in RDF considered harmful . He shows that the common practice describing ISILs in RDF as Literals is problematic.

Since there are no standard way to encode ISILs in an URI there are only to possibilities left: Using a property like Adrian suggested or defining a datatype for ISILs.

I’m not sure, what is the best way to proceed, but here is my proposal for a ISIL-datatype:

<> a rdfs:Datatype ; rdfs:comment "String representing an ISIL - International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations" ; owl:onDatatype xsd:string ; owl:withRestrictions ( [ xsd:pattern "[A-Z]{1,4}-[0-9a-zA-Z:\-/]{1,11}" ] ) .

So one could state now

$BIB dc11:identifier "DE-1a"^^<> .

Maybe the combination of both is a good solution too?

$BIB lobid:isil "DE-1a"^^<> .

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